About Mitoswab™

MITOSWAB™ is a non-invasive test that analyzes the power of the mitochondria. MITOSWAB™ will evaluate the components of the electron transport chain: Complex I, Complex IV and Citrate Synthase, via a simple buccal mucosal swab. These components are critical for proper energy production of the cell. Using MITOSWAB™ technology, each component will be quantitively analyzed, thereby examining for mitochondrial dysfunction.

It is vital to know if mitochondria are working properly. Their dynamic functionality has implications for good health management and maintenance. MITOSWAB™ gives guidance on their performance. Such guidance is extremely important in examining therapeutic approaches to mitochondrial health.

The ease of using a buccal swab makes MITOSWAB™ the first choice for the exploratory investigation of mitochondrial dysfunction.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

* MITOSWAB™ has an 84% correlation with the muscle biopsy, the current gold standard for the evaluation of mitochondrial dysfunction.